All work and [some] play

The Eagle has landed. Literally, it’s like all of our belongings had to have been vacuum packed in order to have fit in the apartment that we used to live in! Friday started off with the arrival of our sea shipment. I was so happy and so annoyed all at the same time. For the past two months, we’ve lived with just basic items that were absolutely essential to buy, or things that made it over in our suitcases. Being the extreme type A person that I am, each box had to be unpacked, sorted and perfectly put away. So much effort was required just to move things around so that we could get to the closets and cabinets without climbing over mounds of paper. Little progress was made on Friday, but we started to see light (because some of the boxes finally cleared out) on Saturday after finishing our closet organizing project. This required a serious wardrobe edit, like 5 big boxes of extra materials worth…


Thank goodness we had already made plans to meet up with a group of expats on Saturday night, otherwise, Mark might have committed me for overorganizing. I was getting slightly neurotic and overly obsessive about separating my socks, so the plan for margaritas and mexican food was a saving grace. While we certainly learned that we can live without 16 different coats, 11 pairs of jeans, and 8 versions of a basic black tshirt, we were quickly reminded that you can’t live without friends. We had a great time and it was so nice to meet such welcoming people with whom we knew we’d become friends. So much fun was had, in fact, that we woke up REALLY not wanting to unpack- but that may or may not have been a result of that one last round of drinks that we had to have.

A few hours in the kitchen did wonders, and I had just put the finishing touches on it when the crew from last night was heading over to the neighborhood pub for an afternoon drink. On such a beautiful day, a couple of glasses of rose were in order to celebrate this feat.


The crockpot is not for decoration, I actually managed to cook dinner on top of finding my countertop. Mark has basically made my name synonymous with superwoman, clearly 😉 We headed home just as the sun was starting the fade to a delicious smelling, semi-put together flat. The dinner was not the most spectacular, but the entertainment that followed made up for it. We were finally able to catch up with our San Francisco friends, and Gavin gave us a little taste of what the world is like from the eyes of a two year old, as he ran around his house riding on every toy in sight (with us in tow on the iPhone).


The weekend was nothing short of eventful. Making new friends, catching up with old friends, being able to cook more than an egg, and having 11 pairs of jeans to choose from really made London feel like home. We’re getting used to living a pretty unscheduled life, but it feels really good to have my spices in alphabetical order and my tops organized by color.

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