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Nearly 10 years ago, as a junior at Denison University, I traveled abroad to London for a semester. It was really my first time in a city, let alone a European one, and I completely fell in love. Every weekend, I jetted of to a different country with friends and thrived on exploring the sights and cultures that were within a few quick hours away. In my wildest dreams, I hoped to one day have to opportunity to live in what I thought to be the most unique city in the world.

After college, I moved to Chicago, where I reconnected with my high school boyfriend- now husband! Mark and I lived in Chicago for two years and then moved to San Francisco for his work. Less than three years later, Mark called me with the most surprising news- he was offered a position in London. I’ll never forget how excited and utterly shocked I felt! We packed up our life in California and landed in London three months later.

Now, we’re adjusting to life in a foreign country and laughing at ourselves along the way. We’re lucky that the language is the same, but with so many different customs and norms, you’re bound to feel a little out of place! Stay tuned and you’ll see our progress as we furnish our apartment, figure out how to grocery shop, master taking the tube, and most¬†importantly, travel everywhere we can!

So many boxes, not enough room!

So many boxes, not enough room!

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Love your blog and love the fact you love London so much! Yay for the great city! I’d you find that you hated the tube but then slowly grew to love I? It is fabulous (if not a little battered!).

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