Trash or treasure?

Meandering through Covent Garden and getting a feel for the area as a potential for our temporary office, I happened to pass through the market stalls and spotted a lovely leather jacket. Upon first inspection, it looked to be the real deal- 100% leather and very nicely made. I tried it on and inquired about the price, and of course immediately decided I would  pay nowhere near the £140 asking tag. After snapping a picture to send to my fashion consultant (aka mother), the guy asked, “What is your price to take now?” since I told him I’d like to think about it. I threw out £70, and before I could even google the darn jacket, he was bagging it up and sending me on my way. Walking away, I had that very nervous and sickening feeling, “Oh crap did I just get totally screwed!?” A few googled eBay results later, I was feeling pretty confident in my superior negotiating skills and impromptu purchase. For the last few days, I’ve been pretty giddy about the silly thing, so it turned out to be a good buy.

f06f7de429cc49febfec7efe4655826dI found an interesting article while searching for this LLD brand (never heard of it…). It really made me contemplate why in the world I would feel fine buying a jacket for the same price from a name brand store, that would likely not be real leather. I’m now on a mission to shop for handmade, quality, no-name brand pieces; I only have three years to stock up on these goodies!

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