Home sweet home

After running from one side of our flat to another at least 783 times today, I’m at last pleased with the final product. Meet, our reception room.


I’m not an interior designer, but I’m sitting here with a glass of wine just happily staring at the room. Since it’s been empty except for random temporary furniture purchased on Amazon for nearly a month, we haven’t appreciated the flat. But today, we both fell in love with it all over again. It’s amazing what you can do to decorate an entire new space without buying a single thing. Aside from the couch, we didn’t purchase anything; it’s amazing how you can re-purpose things you haven’t used in years!

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Tomorrow, I’m putting the finishing touches on the bedrooms, bathrooms, and cellar (aka the most amazing storage space apartment/flat dwellers have ever encountered). Packing paper is nowhere in sight, my Christmas boxes are neatly stacked together, and every picture frame has found a home. It feels good to see my people again- I love having my photos back, especially since clearing them off of the dining table finally allowed us to eat dinner from a (not folding) table!

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