London Will Always Be Calling

Before leaving London at the end of our two year unimaginably awesome adventure, our über talented friend Jean snapped a few photos of us in our hood. The hubs and I had some exciting news to share- we’d be going back to the states as a soon to be family of three! Jean captured the immeasurable excitement we felt about embarking on this next journey, parenthood.Swanson Announcement Final Files-22

Swanson Announcement Final Files-25 Swanson Announcement Final Files-32

In my wildest dreams, I imagined as a study abroad student 10 years earlier, living around South Kensington in a flat one day. When the hubs was offered the opportunity, he immediately said yes without even needing to consult me, much to his manager’s surprise! Living abroad was a crazy pipe dream that we’d discussed, and couldn’t believe when it actually became a reality. Swanson-7 Swanson-15


Exploring 32 cities in 13 different countries opened our eyes, pulled us out of our comfort zones, and made us hungry for a life full of new experiences. While we’re destined to face a world of challenges upon entering parenthood, we like to think that our sense of teamwork and problem solving became highly developed while facing fun obstacles like navigating the bike lane-like roads of the Isle of Sky or picking the ski trail to take us to the correct bus getting us back to the right town where we were staying in Chamonix. Swanson-45Swanson-91 Swanson-79Living abroad certainly made us lighter, and I hope we never lose the love for newness despite it’s accompaniment of the unknown. Thanks for making this indescribably wonderful experience possible, hubs, and thank you for reading!

7 responses to “London Will Always Be Calling

  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful blog. I am glad I stumbled upon it. I am excited to be following you. Congratulations on the recent news. 😃

  2. It’s been fun following you along your adventures abroad. Congratulations on the new addition. Best wishes on the many new domestic adventures that this little one will take you on! Thank you for always having such beautiful images and insightful writing!

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