The Expat Factor

It’s all fun and games until someone has to go home, or to Germany.

Yesterday, two of our friends, Killian and Zach, were celebrated with a proper Leaving Do as we bade them farewell for now. They’re the first of our friends that we’ve made here to leave London. On the heels of a wonderful trip to France, their departure is proving to be a tough pill to swallow. These two will certainly be missed- they’re big, and dynamic piece of our end and cornerless puzzle of friends.

In the adventure-filled, seemingly endless good time, yet occasionally lonely life as an expat, one could only hope to come across friends like these. As Alex so perfectly put it, it’s sort of like being a freshman in college. Our ever evolving group of friends is certainly diverse in personality, yet we’re all in this same strange situation that forms that lifelong bond. I know that we’re all thankful to have had them in our lives even for this short stint.

Now, onto the fabulous and fashionable party in their honor. The soiree started off to be so classy and elegant…

007005 010 012 013 016 029 036Until some kids crashed the party…051 074Then the good times really started rolling…033062We managed to class it up for before heading out to the neighborhood pub for more Pimm’s before calling it a night.049 042 057 084Perfectly put, ‎”Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.” ― G. Randolf

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