Not Your Average Picnic in the Park

It has been a beautiful past few weeks in London and the majority of our weekends have been spent lounging around the parks over afternoon picnics. Hyde Park hardly gets old, but I was itching for a little adventure this past weekend. Though the sky was looking slightly threatening, the hubs and I packed a lunch and headed out 45 minutes on the tube to Hampstead Heath. The 800-acre park was full of picturesque views and Londoners enjoying their Saturday. Most amusing was the group of kids engulfed in a good old fashioned game of tug-of-war.

021 024014030035040With increasingly darkening skies, the hubs spotted a sheltering tree for our picnic.044 048Soon enough, the drizzle let up and we made a stop at the ice cream truck before walking over to the Kenwood House, a former stately home. The outside was beautiful and the sweets inside looked too good to eat!050 054 056It felt as if we were walking through “The Secret Garden” on our way to grab a pint at The Spanairds Inn (counting down the days for an encore- what a gem!). 057 061 076 080086088One more stop was on the list and it instantly become my favorite place in London- Hill Garden and Pergola. 096 104 120 123 125 126 127 131The hubs quickly became exasperated with my obsessive photo-taking from every angle, so until next time!100

2 responses to “Not Your Average Picnic in the Park

  1. Hampstead Heath reminds me of the novels I read in my childhood. So neat that you got to visit in person. Looks dreamy. Please keep writing. I love hearing about your adventures!!

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