I got a tan in Cannes

London’s summer has been seriously lacking in sunshine. An escape to Cannes for the weekend was just what the doctor ordered to salvage the last remains of our Hilton Head tans. Our friend Brian was in town visiting and jumped at the chance to spend a few days swimming in the sea and soaking up the sun.

After only a few wrong turns and loops around the town to find our parking garage, we arrived at the Grand Hyatt Martinez and rested up for an action packed weekend.IMG_8244Following the scent of freshly baked croissants, we settled in for a delicious French breakfast including [lots of] bread, scrambled eggs, pan au chocolate and cappuccinos at L’Angle.  Surrounded by a bunch of old French guys, our waiter got a kick out of us Americans, but we must have hit his soft spot because he had a huge grin on his face when we turned up the next morning for an encore. 
Not quite ready to bare our bread-filled bellies, we strolled La Croisette until we couldn’t resist jumping into the sea any longer. It was HOT out!
IMG_8323Each hotel and restaurant lining the sea sets up it’s own chairs and umbrellas for rent. Our hotel recently built a pier, so you could choose a lounger surrounded by salty water. We opted for the sand and spent a few heavenly hours admiring the million dollar yachts and frolicking in the water. FullSizeRender_2Breaks from tanning were taken only when necessary, for sandwiches and ice cream.
IMG_8267IMG_8257Once we’d called it a day, it seemed that a selection of cars had arrived, just asking to be taken for a spin.
IMG_8252IMG_8277IMG_8272But, in need of exercise, we opted to walk to dinner, soaking up this scene on the way. People in Cannes are serious about their beach time- this is at about 8:00 pm.IMG_4737IMG_8275

Dinner at Da Stefano was a mix of Italian antipasti followed by delicious pasta with fresh seafood.
IMG_8278The real treat was the fireworks show afterwards, though. It happened to be Fireworks Festival that evening, a competition where pyrotechnics companies from around the world complete in elaborate sky art choreographed to music. This was unlike any display I’ve ever seen with fireworks shooting off simultaneously for the length of a football field- it was jaw dropping!
IMG_8292IMG_8300 IMG_8312The next day’s forecast of clouds couldn’t have been further from the truth. Another day of basking in the sun was too good to pass up, despite the plethora of nearby towns to explore.FullSizeRender_1FullSizeRender The guys eventually dragged me out of my lounger for dinner at a tapas place called L’Epicurieux. Unassuming and off the beaten path, the staff were beyond friendly. IMG_8345A few hours and courses in, we realized our waiter was the owner and chatted with him about the town, the start up of his restaurant and the delicious food. His wife joined in, and before the end the night, the hubs spotted a case of some super old bottles of wine. Itching with curiosity and unable to resist a unique bottle, we bought one and the owner then insisted on opening one for us to try before leaving. We left with a few more friends!IMG_8349 IMG_8359 A later flight on Sunday allowed us enough time to drive to Monaco for a lunch and town tour. IMG_8363

Unmissable was the town’s crown jewel- the Monte Carlo Casino decorated with expensive cars and designer clad people strolling about.

075 077 081 082 The yachts and cars were seemingly in competition for opulent luxury. It was tempting to stay and source a few new friends again…085 087IMG_8388

The town itself was so pretty and clean, it almost looked fake. With only a few hours, we saw a tiny sliver of a beautiful place just dripping with wealth.

086088IMG_8382IMG_8397IMG_8401Escargot on the lunch menu put the cherry on top of my Sunday!

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