A Hike Worth The Views

If you are lucky enough to spend a sunny day in the Lake District, you will be handsomely rewarded with the bluest and greenest views imaginable and an ample supply clean, crisp air. For the long May Bank holiday weekend, the hubs, MIL, FIL and planned an escape from the cigarette smelling city streets for a little R&R. The Lake District, a National Park that sports 21 large bodies of water throughout its nearly 900 square miles, is monstrous in both size and presence. Needless to say, we barely scratched the surface in our long weekend stay.

What google proclaimed would be a 5 hour drive actually turned out to be 8, a warning we stupidly ignored from our colleagues. Squirming in my seat and praying to the motorway man that we’d make our dinner reservations, we skipped checking into our B&B and went straight to Steam for dinner. This BYOB spot immediately put as at ease after the long trip. Local meat, fish and veggies complimented with our specially chosen wine almost made the drive worth it.

Waking up the next day to this view sealed the deal.

001 002 019After a leisurely breakfast starring fresh made bread with local jam and scrumptious scrambled eggs, we considered our options for the day. While admiring the lake from the grassy hillside all day would have left me perfectly content, that travel bug started biting and making us keenly aware of the ample areas to explore. Jonathan, owner of Bank Ground Farm, steered us towards a 2.5 mile trail. Over the streams and through the pastures to Tarn Hows we went.
022 025 029IMG_7226It felt SO good to be in nature surrounded by happy cows, goats and sheep. 032IMG_7238039047Once back from our hike, we sat out in the sun for lunch and played with the resident lab. He must be a distant relative of my parent’s dog, Drake. Dink showed an uncanny resemblance!IMG_7268The doctor ordered up some chill out time after lunch. The view and Heads in Bed battled for my attention. IMG_7276 IMG_7283While the beaming sun made it feel mid-day, our stomachs were grumbling and telling us otherwise. A few miles down the road in the tiny village of Hawkshead, the Queen’s Head Inn serves delicious pub fare and capped off our day.IMG_7294065Saturday morning rolled in with a few clouds. But, we were grateful for dry skies and set off for Grasmere, one of the smaller lakes just north of Coniston. A short walk through the village provided a nice tour of homes and MIL and I were as green as the grass with envy. 071076081Eventually, the path led us around the lake where more stunning views prevailed. 084On a more adventurous day, we would have hiked up to  Loughrigg Fell for some unquestionably amazing views.086092095104The loop around the lake led us back to town for a nice lunch at the Potting Shed Cafe. Aside from the tourists who check every stereotypical trait off the list, it was a sweet and enjoyable spot.

Eager to shop for a few local treasures, we stopped in Ambleside on our return to Bank Ground Farm. It was pretty, but bustling and bursting at the seams with tourists, really solidifying our choice of accommodations in quiet Coniston. We did hit the jackpot at La Galerie d’Art, each leaving with bags full of gifts, some for ourselves, some for others.
108At the end of another laid-back afternoon on the lawn, we made our way to The Wilson Arms for dinner. It didn’t quite top The Queen’s Head, but the fish and chips was pretty tasty. 113115Attempting to walk of a few fries, we sauntered along the lake side on our drive back to the B&B. IMG_7316IMG_7319After finishing off the previous night’s game of Rummy 500, we savored our last night of open window sleeping.


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