Scotland: The Drive to Skye

Whoooo woulda thought!?094 102

113We woke up to a forecast of sunny skies and a long drive to Skye ahead. With detailed scenic route directions, snacks, and planned pit stops, we were off! Here’s how it went:

8:00 AM – Wake up, pack up, ship out.

9:40 AM – Eat too much breakfast, we’ve got quite the journey ahead.

10:15 AM – Bid farewell to Edinburgh and taxi to the airport to pick up our rental car.

11:00 AM – Debate, research and discuss the insurance that we need…. [I try not to lose it, as we should have figured this out ahead of time!].

11:15 AM – On the road at last! My seat won’t go back and I momentarily freak out that I’ll have to sit completely upright for the next eight hours. Good thing we have scotch.

11:17 AM – Figure out how to fix my seat.

12:30 PM – First photo stop! Holy moly, we pass through BEAUTIFUL Loch Lubnaig and can’t help but pull over. 
09612:45 PM – We pass the Harry Potter bridge, I AM STARSTRUCK! We just stopped, so this is an iPhone drive by snap…IMG_3920

1:30 PM – After passing through a few tiny “towns,” we arrive at the infamous Green Welly. Perfect for a bathroom break and stocking up on snacks, we goof around and then get back on the road. IMG_3915101IMG_60181:45 PM – Much anticipated SNACK TIME! (Did you forget about the sacred oat cakes!?). IMG_39252:10 PM – We can’t stop stopping for photo opps. Glen Coe is eerie, misty and marvelous. 
IMG_60331053:15 PM – Just as dark and mysterious gets old, glorious and glittery begins. Loch Lochy is simple stunning.
1121213:45 PM – REALLY need to stop for a bathroom and the Claunie Inn is a prime spot! Don’t miss it if your teeny bladder needs a break.

4:00 PM – Glen Shiel is pretty unreal. There have to be more waterfalls here than in Hawaii. 1231264:03 PM – Gotta stop again, OH MY, OH MY! (I could not stop saying this).130 1314:15 PM – Just Donan Castle off there to the left…NBD (that means, no big deal, Mom 😉 ). 
1384:35 PM – Skye bridge is in sight!1444:45 PM – We’re on Skye with plenty of daylight hours to spare. We opt to drive on to Elgol for a view of The Black Cullin.

5:05 PM – First of a few inevitable wrong turns. There has been absolutely no cell service for hours, and it’s pretty challenging to pay attention to driving direction and milage with these cute distractions! It took everything in me to not put one in my purse.1695:30 PM – We arrive at our destination, we think. It was a CRAZY drive and I’m as green as the water blue. But it’s gorgeous and all worth it.

149155 156 1585:45 PM – We are over driving for the day and trudge back to our hotel on the bike path. Yes, the roads in Skye are no way wider than your typical bike lanes. AND they are two way- WHAT! I can’t believe we make it back in one piece. Us rookies pulled over on the right hand side turnout to let a car pass and got a DEATH stare from a local (driving on the left side of the road means only pulling over on the left side turnouts, whoops). 1636:30 PM – We just about whiz past Kinloch Lodge, but the hubs throws out the breaks (he REALLY wants a scotch at this point) and we squeal into the drive. Ahhh, we have arrived. 1876:32 PM – Welcome drinks in hand.199

6:35 PM – The hubs juggled a cigar, scotch and soccer.c0987eb3eb0743758a8cf71d733dab9e6:50 PM – We firm up our dinner plans. “7:30 for 8:00 PM?” we’re asked. After three “excuse me?” attempts to understand whatever that means, the maitre d’ kindly explains that you come down for dinner at 7:30 PM for your amuse-bouche before your 8:00 PM dinner reservation- duh.

We spring for the seven course tasting menu, and it’s out of this world. The hubs is not a big fancy food fan and thinks it’s fantastic. Favorites? The Mallaig Seabass drizzled with a lime coconut sauce for me and the Moray Pork Cheek for the hubs.
IMG_39767f89cd2653fc4922b637b87a861ad7b511:00 PM – Fall into bed, utterly exhausted but full of the most delicious dinner and memories of a remarkable day.

Drive to Skye Stats:

  • Miles covered: 245
  • Time: 6 hours 15 min to Elgol + 45 min to Kinloch Lodge
  • Bathroom breaks: 4 (Loch Lubnaig Visitor Center, Green Welly, Claunie Inn, the end of “road” B8083 – all recommended!)
  • Photo opp stops: 6 (bathroom breaks don’t count)
  • Number of wrong turns: Only 1!
  • Reference for route:

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