What I Saw of Warsaw

Our company’s annual regional sales meeting took us to Warsaw for six days earlier this month. While the trip time was double the time of most, we didn’t even scratch the city’s surface. The capitol of Poland dates back to the 1300s and its arresting Old Town is unsurprisingly a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Warsaw braids its turbulent history, rich architecture, and creative culture in a way that make it a truly compelling Eastern European city.

Getting down to business, the first few days offered views like this…
IMG_5578And this…IMG_5581

And this…IMG_3798IMG_3795

One night, we dressed up for the sales awards ceremony where our spectacular hotel and vendors fell over themselves to make everything perfect, a cultural trait so many could learn from. Elegant and edgy, the dressed up room set a spectacular scene for a celebratory night.

Cetco_Building_Best__1080 (66) Cetco_Building_Best__1080 (12)The following evening, we closed out the long day of meetings by shooting pool. Ultimately, I was more interested in chatting up my new Italian BFF and copiously taking mental notes on the best points in Positano (HELLO 30TH BDAY SPOT!).IMG_5834

A European champion kept the guys entertained with tricks and tips, after hustling a few of them of course.IMG_5848IMG_2796Once the meeting concluded, we ventured out to get a truer taste of Warsaw. The hubs picked out Winosfera, a contemporary and delish spot for dinner, where a bunch of us did some of Mark’s famous wine taste testing (that’s when he pours two glasses for you to pick your favorite, and ultimately forgets which glass is which!).IMG_2815 IMG_5687IMG_5696Once we’d escaped the confines of the conference room, the guys were eating up Old Town like there was no tomorrow. A couple of them had fallen in love the the Pub Senator inside the Old Town the night before and were set on an encore. We made friends with the sweet, young bartender who nearly cried at the $50 tip we left (the Polish Zloty is cheap for Americans- 0.27 USD = 1 PLN). A colleague wowed the rest of the bar with an Indian karaoke rendition of an American ballad, and two med students who came to be known as Dr. Norway and Olga befriended and entertained us all night with their ability to take endless shots of Polish vodka (which is SO FREAKING GOOD!).IMG_2837 IMG_2846To commemorate one last night together, the gang kicked back at the Bristol’s beautiful wine bar before setting off for pints at the Elephant Belgium Pub where Belgium’s best brews lined the walls.Cannon 072

Selecting from the voluminous list, we wisely let height rather than bottle label design dictate our selections.IMG_5715Content with this cool spot, we stayed for dinner before one last stop at the Senator. Cannon 083 IMG_3822 Cannon 080 IMG_3824 IMG_5728 IMG_5766Ready to go home but leaving with so much still to see, we strolled through the empty streets of Warsaw in awe.IMG_5704 IMG_5734

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