Living with a Little French Flair

Cleaning up your act goes far beyond what you choose for dinner and dessert tonight. It means de-cluttering your closet, kitchen cupboards and calendar as well. The Simply Luxurious Life, one of my favorite bookmarked blogs and connoisseur of all things French, lists 20 steps to help get you there. These aren’t quick fixes like “clean your windows to let in more light,” the points are long-term habitual makeovers.


Leftover dinner for lunch with the last of the homemade hummus

Health is hands down one of my top priorities, so it’s no surprise that “Cook at home” is number one on this list and mine. The benefits of it are boundless- you’ll channel your inner creativity while trying new recipes, eat better by cutting out additives and maybe even find it to be a hobby or way to unwind at the end of the day. Eventually, number 15 “Eat real food,” will be a no-brainer. If I can change my nightly slow-churn, additive-filled ice cream eating habits to instead, breaking off a hunk of anti-oxidant infused dark chocolate, so can you.

FullSizeRender (1)

Took a hint from no. two and snuck in a coffee at my favorite cafe

Another favorite, number four, “Let go of busy,” is such a wonderful and powerful point to master. This will have a different meaning for everyone, but list-making for me is key. Whether I’m home or at the office, over morning coffee, I always compose a list over a latte. Armed with a compilation of things that you need and want to do, estimate how much time each task will take and then figure out what you can realistically accomplish before bedtime. My friend Killian shared this article a few months ago and it really resonated. Read it when you aren’t busy because it’s not a quickie, but should shed some light on whether or not you really want to use the “b” word.

Follow your own schedule, number six on the list, is another mechanism I’ve found valuable. The idea is to do what works for you regardless of the name of the day- pop a bottle of champagne mid-week if you feel like it, and log in some miles or go to yoga on Friday if you want. Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean you have to punish yourself by sticking to some mindless schedule- be spontaneous! And conversely, Friday doesn’t inherently signify that you should be out knocking back cocktails. Do what works for you on any given day, during any given week. Think about how you want to spend your time based on your needs, not the proximity to the ever-illustrious weekend.

The rest of the list is packed with motivating ways to re-think your routines, enjoy!

2 responses to “Living with a Little French Flair

  1. Love this! I’m excited to read the list! I’ve been thinking about a lot of similar topics this new year, especially in light of having a new house and a new routine, and because we are being faced with the embarrassing fact that we own way too much “stuff”

    I’ve enjoyed this blog, and I think you may, too:

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