New Year, New You!

Aside from hating the January rush of New Years resolutioners at the gym, I kind of love this time of year. It’s a chance to hit the reset button after a month of celebrating (i.e., riding a sugar high from Thanksgiving’s pumpkin pie through New Years’ champagne fountain). While I’m constantly reading blogs and articles or talking to others about ways to improve what I’m eating, how I’m working out, or what products I’m buying, there always seems to be more time to do this in January.

There’s no specific goal or finish line to reach in this quest for the ultimate healthy, balanced lifestyle for which most of us strive to achieve. It’s a constant, ever-changing challenge and one that is most certainly accomplished by two steps forward, one step back. A couple of encouraging friends here convinced me to blog about my passion for this. I’m a self-improvement junkie and love talking to people about how to live better and what that means to them.

Welcome to “Clean Up Your Act,” the place where I get to post things like articles about the effects of sugar (which the hubs is so not interested in discussing over his bowl of fruit loops), recipes, workouts and products that provide ammunition to win the health guru battle (whatever that means to you!).

Today’s tidbit includes a couple of recipes from my weekend. The hubs and I have had a friend in town which means eating out a bit more than usual, so I’m balancing it out with a few clean, yet delicious dins at home.

Rejuvenating Bowls from Deliciously Ella – last night’s dinner. This was my first pass at one of Ella’s recipes. They all look amazing, and this one tasted even better than it looked. Simply toasting the black beans in a skillet brought out a crazy amount of flavor, and tahini mixed into mashed sweet potatoes was so yummy in my tummy. If you’re looking to test out plant-based recipes, this is a great opener. Take note of how you feel after you eat this big, heaping bowl- pretty darn good I’ll bet.

Whole Wheat Banana Bread from Sally’s Baking Addiction – last night’s dessert. I made these as muffins in my favorite pan. They were SO good topped with a bit of warmed Nutella and peanut butter. Cutting down on sugar as much as possible is one of my goals (check out this article if you’re interested), this recipe has just about 4g per serving of brown sugar, so it seemed reasonable in terms of a dessert…it’s a marathon, not a race.IMG_3535 (1)

Mediterranean Vegetable Spaghetti from Deliciously Ella – on tap for tonight. I’m not gluten free, so plan to substitute with whole wheat spaghetti and pair with this broccoli (which is so good and in season right now).

Happy Saturday!

3 responses to “New Year, New You!

  1. Hey kel! I started eating clean the first on January and love it!!! I’d love to swap recipes!! Miss you! -Rachel

    • That’s awesome, Rach!! Definitely something I strive for and try to do as much as possible. Absolutely love these two dinners I made and would love any recommendations for your favorites!!

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