I’d Go Back to School Here! A Day in Cambridge.

Strolling around Cambridge’s university campuses is positively delightful. On a rare, plan-less weekend, I booked two train tickets and a couple of punting passes for the university city.

After a quick, 45 minute train ride, we wandered around peeking into dining halls and pondering how college would be in the Harry Potter-like setting. 005 003

A bit of research and a friend’s recommendation pointed to The Anchor for lunch. Ever English and delicious, the hubs and I enjoyed a long, lazy midday meal properly with pints. IMG_4318013IMG_4321Just outside, we found our punting station and excitedly hopped on board. 021 019New to this sort of boating, we marvelled at our eccentric punter’s ability to expertly navigate the shallow channels, perfectly pushing off of the river bed and propelling us down the campus-lined canals. 032025 028037 040046IMG_4333While he was knowledgeable and entertaining, describing the different universities and their infamous tales, the inexperienced punters were equally amusing to observe.055 068

In awe of the gorgeous green spaces and spectacular architecture, we attempted to later walk along the canals but found most of the campuses to be closed to visitors. So, the best way to take in the small city is most certainly by punt! 076 079 081 085 091The irresistable smell of mulled wine lulled us into the Cambridge Wine Merchant’s Kings Parade shop. Sipping on our festive fall drinks, we watched the sun set over King’s College before making our way back to the train station.

It was a crisp, fall day well spent!

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