There’s No Place Like Home

There’s no place like home, especially during the endless summer days. I’d give anything to be able to click my ruby red heels and arrive, but at least the 8 hour daytime flight to Chicago gives the hubs and I an excuse to binge watch TV and be lazy for a day.

With a few hours to spare in Chicago during our layover from London to Canton, the hubs and I decided on a spontaneous city outing and hopped on the El. Fortunately my manager from my Greenberg Traurig days, Beth, responded to my last minute “Are you free for lunch email?” despite her spam suspicions. One hour later, we were catching up at Sidebar after swinging by the old office.748947cc73024a6cb5bcd44f3919ae6dFinally in Canton, we barely squeezed our bags in our hot rental car and jetted off to Mom and Dad Swanson’s for a much need glass of wine.

Thanks the the hubs' negotiating skills for the cool car, not so much for the color...

Thanks the the hubs’ negotiating skills for the cool car, not so much for the color…

Soon after, we arrived at my parents where we made it to almost staying awake for 24 hours straight before crashing.

A sister date in Cleveland with Kristen was penned in for Friday and I couldn’t wait to see her new place. After treating me to lunch at The Flying Fig, Tis took me to some of her city favorites- Penzy’s for spices, West Side market for lots of foodie browsing (the s’mores pretzels couldn’t be passed up), Mitchell’s for ice cream, shopping in Tremont, and the most delicious honey lattes at Lucky’s Cafe. Topped off with a sparkling view of Lake Eerie, we frolicked around and were happy as two peas in a pod to be having some quality sister 3Later that night, my mom made us a much needed mexican feast for the whole Gibbs fam. Besides my people, there is little that I miss in London more than mexican food!001003 - Copy

I can never sleep in when I’m home because going for a run with my crack-of-dawn-rising dad and doggy is one of the best parts of being 4I had to go for a round two with my sister because who can resist hanging out with these two? 1396995_856369516821_4556098168246988568_oWe tied our trip home to the couples shower for my sister, Katie, and her fiance, Russ. Hosted by family friends, the party was a gorgeous sight with an out of this world dinner and we were so happy to be there to celebrate with them. 096 098 122 105 145165080e684303ae188394a149f93f108

My beautiful sister and her handsome husband-to-be

My beautiful sister and her handsome husband-to-be

The next few days were filled with a Swanson/Crist family dinner, also a mexican fiesta by request; a visit to Pennsylvania to see my grams, aunts, uncles and cousins; a run around my old high school and visit with my favorite coach; beer tasting over dinner at Hoppin’ Frog and a gorgeous morning spent kayaking. IMG_2758[1] (2)

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4IMG_3249IMG_3251True to form, the week flew by. Because we hadn’t had enough mexican already, one last dinner at Nuevo seemed like the only proper way to end the trip. Margaritas along with salsa and guacamole tasting with my fun fam made leaving the next day tough. photo 5But, a visit from two of our dearest San Francisco friends was less than a week away- there were dinners to plan and jet lag to fight before the Cioffari’s arrival making us excited to get back to Londontown!

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