You, Me and Dupree Go To Brugge

Continuing on with our Belgian beer fest, after our fun-filled day in Brussels we caught the 11:00 train to Brugge. Eurostar has a great “Any Belgian Station” ticket which allows you to continue by train from Brussels to anywhere else in Belgium, as long as you complete your journey within 24 hours of arriving. We maximized our time in Brussels and arrived in Brugge 23 hours and 57 minutes later.

The morning’s coffee was a little different- my attempt at ordering cappuccinos with two shots of espresso didn’t go quite as planned. IMG_3052While it wasn’t the tastiest way to caffinate, it provided the jet fuel necessary for the 24 hour adventure that went a little something like this…

Arrive in Brugge, admire it’s beauty, and quickly navigate to the hotel to drop the bags.098 IMG_3053

Browse and breeze through the antique market.106 109Quickly stop at the chocolate shop to pick up a 10 pack (when in Belgium…).IMG_2473Find our lunch spot, De Garre114 IMG_0429Order beers, meats and cheeses, sit back and relax (and crack into previously purchased chocolate bars).IMG_3061 IMG_3064 IMG_3069


Dupree blowing out his “birthday candle”

IMG_3073Resist the urge for another house beer, which was voted group favorite of the trip.

Dash over to the belfry of Brugge before closing time. Attempt to buy student passes, fail. Prepare to dominate the 366 stairs to take in the view before racing back down and across town to De Halve Maan Brewery to make the last tour, success.


Dupree is not so sure about the climb, I’m ready to make room for another beer though 🙂

128 130 131 134 136 140 142 144

Take a tour of De Halve Maan Brewery and enjoy a Brugge Zot (or two).157 165 171 180 191 192 198Catch our breath before settling down at our dinner restaurant, Bistro De Schaar.202

Enjoy more amazing seafood, wine and other dishes along the canal.

Make our way to Comptoir des Arts where we sit amongst 16 year olds in one of the coolest bars I’ve ever been to. We all gawk in amazement watching kids drink beer- somehow they all seemed incredibly sophisticated for their age!227 234 243 IMG_3136

Saunter through the streets on the way back to the hotel. Literally, the three of us were like Mary Poppins skipping back to the hotel while admiring the gorgeous, empty town.213249 253 256Get into some antics at the hotel. These two can only act like adults together for so long.265

Wake up, find our breakfast spot, Books & Brunch; it is closed on Saturday. Plan B, stumble upon ‘t Eekhoetje where we enjoy a perfectly delicious traditional French breakfast. 270

Stroll, shop, and stock up on a whole lot of Belgian beer.275 288 294 297 298IMG_3160 306 309 313 317 319 IMG_2482Some of us weren’t too happy to have to leave this heavenly country filled with endless chocolate combinations and intriguing beer labels.IMG_3171The clock is ticking but I’m certainly plotting a return trip to stock up on a lifetime supply of chocolate cinnamon crisp bars and cookie beer.

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