April Showers Bring May Flowers

This age old proverb is ringing true in London, the past week has been nothing short of spectacular. Coinciding nicely with Mark’s parents’ visit, the city showed off sunny skies and leg baring temperatures. Hosting visitors is always like a mini-vactation, providing an excuse to explore different places than the daily routine spots, but doing it in shorts was an added bonus!

The week started off at a steady pace on Tuesday, with a bit of rain and shifty-looking hourly forecast. I piled into an Uber with the in-laws and headed to Marylebone to check out The Wallace Collection, a perfect (and free) rainy-day rendezvous for locals and visitors alike. Before gawking and gasping at the overly extravagant collection of luxury everything, the three of us had a delightful lunch in the gorgeous courtyard. Perusing the 25 galleries filled with fine arts ranging from armor to upholstery was fascinating. Even more compelling was the fact that the the endless array of treasures was all part of Sir Richard Wallace’s private collection, and one that his widow donated in its entirety to the nation as a permanent museum.

0399fc9d0aad46f3bd49bdf4be7b83f0We opted to walk home through Hyde Park despite the slightly threatening skies and were rewarded by a fox siting- no joke, we saw a fox jogging down the sidewalk as we neared Hyde Park.

Wednesday stepped up the spring weather showing with rising temperatures and a crystal clear sky. Covent Garden looked picture perfect, and I attempted to capture some of it before meeting the in-laws for a pre-theater dinner at Cafe Pacifico.002 025 029 040 049 059An impromptu decision to see Once the night before was spurred by my chance passing of the Pheonix Theater combined with my mom-in-law’s happenstance of finding £20 tickets. Those lucky tickets took us all the way to the second row where the three of sat through a jaw-dropping two hours of perhaps the best singing I’ve ever heard.  I went to bed dreaming of the sunny scenes in Covent Garden set to the tune of Falling Slowly fittingly filling my head. Check out the goose bump-giving music.

The following night, the hubs made it back from his quick jaunt over to Saudi and back just in time for wonderful dinner at About Thyme and the evening performance of Wicked. The much larger scale and elaborate production was drastically different than the previous night’s show, but the catchy tunes, beautiful costumes and sweet story capped off another great day in London.

Friday really stole the show with it’s splendid skies- a great grand finale to the in-law’s visit. The hubs and I kicked off the day with run around Hyde Park before collecting our picnic  provisions, including irresistible take away lunches from La Bottega. We set up shop at the Chelsea Physic Garden to enjoy a leisurely lunch before taking a tour of the garden.071 074 078 087 088 103 106 114 115 119 121A walk through Battersea Park and pint at The Pig’s Ear later, we settled into our garden for charcuterie, salad homemade pizza, and of course, specially selected wine. 9797afdeb6ad4acd842f79a31b96d49bBy the time the sun set, the fountain and wine were lulling us all to sleep. It was the perfect ending to a memorable week and an extraordinarily ordinary day. 138

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