Birthday Cake Remix

Birthdays are good for your health. Studies show that those who have more Birthdays live longer. Celebrating my 29th this past weekend left me feeling fantastic. I woke up Friday morning to the best rendition of “Happy Birthday Telly” a girl could ask for. Gerber babies couldn’t hold a candle to this 3 year old lead singer and his nearly 1 year old sister/back up dancer.

Later that evening after a homemade dinner and some QT with the hubs following his week-long trip to Spain and Saudi Arabia, he couldn’t resist any longer and excitedly handed over a small wrapped package. Inside was a new camera lens- I was totally surprised and so excited!

Spoiled silly, the hubs specially delivered two beautiful bouquets of flower, croissants and lattes first thing Saturday morning. 005A leisurely brunch at Beaufort House and long walk along the river was the perfect way to spend the sunny day.
016 019 020 022 026After a few test shots, I was ready for some wine sampling at Vagabond, one of my favorite place in London. It’s such a relaxing atmosphere and a great place to find your new favorite bottle. Here’s the concept: you get a card when you walk in and add any amount of money. Then, you wander around and find one of the nearly one hundred bottles that looks worth trying, place your glass under the spout of your chosen bottle, and press “sample” for a taste or “glass” for a bit more. The cost is deducted from your card. Sip and repeat- instant gratification and so much fun!027 029More presents followed and I spent the next couple of hours face timing with my fabulous family. My parents sent me a big box full of goodies- decorations and serving pieces for the garden, a gorgeous necklace and two spring sweaters; my sisters also rounded out my garden party essentials with a cheese plate and bread bag; and my sister and brother in law sent a really cool lighted wind chime. Our garden is starting to rival the neighborhood pub for hangout spots, I love it!

Once I had littered the flat with the remnants of my virtual birthday party, the hubs surprised me with my favorite- carrot cake! It was the most delicious pre-dinner snack.039Dinner at Foxtrot Oscar with scallops and gnocchi for me and crab with asparagus salad and pork chops for the hubs was amazing. Gordon Ramsey knows how to cook, everything about the dinner was excellent.

The celebration didn’t end there, the hubs planned for a group of our London friends to get together for a Sunday roast at The Admiral Codrington. Beforehand, we couldn’t resist a glass of wine in the garden where the girls surprised me with a picnic wine bottle cooler bag and lovely bottle of champagne. You’ll know where to find me on the next sunny Saturday…



Our long, laid back dinner was really enjoyable. Roasted chicken and root vegetables were the definition of comfort food, and Hummingbird cupcakes were the icing on the (cup)cake.

Only one last thing to wish for…!photo (7)

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