Cupid goes to the Cotswolds

Sometimes it’s nice to give into the commercially created holidays. While I’m not one to expect roses, chocolates, champagne and a fancy dinner every February 14th, I certainly don’t object to using it as an excuse to get away from everyday life and relax with my hubs. After finally punching the 10th needed night for a free one, I scoured for a cute place to unwind and catch up with my Valentine who was gone all week on a work trip. Glowing reviews pointed me to The Glove House, situated just outside of Oxford.

We arrived just as the rain started dumping down enough to have to circle the town three times to get a glimpse of the address through the blurry window. After being helped with our bags by the owner (what a peach!), we settled into our immaculate and beautifully decorated room. Mark attempted to sleep off some jet lag while I turned a few pages of my book (literally, only a few- Mitford Girls is not going down quickly!). The skies cleared up in time for us to run across the street for dinner at La Galleria, where the service was impeccable and the food was divine! We closed down the Woodstock Arms after a beer and scotch nightcap, a perfect end to my kind of Valentine’s day.

Breakfast on Saturday was chock-full of treats- pears poached in organic apple juice with cinnamon, homemade granola, fresh bread with locally made marmalade, apple raspberry juice and eggs to order. Needless to say, a long walk was necessary after sampling everything. We covered the town in about 10 minutes, and decided to explore Oxford.

Town full of inns, pubs, a a teapot shop

Town full of inns, pubs, a a teapot shop

Once finally parked in Oxford (everywhere was two hours- don’t recommend trying!), we wandered around and imagined what it would be like to attend school among so many sightseers. The breathtaking buildings and sprawling gated green areas were impressive and endless.


Doing a little light reading

013 014018 019 020Being tourists at The Turf Tavern was next on the agenda, where we snacked on a half pint and people watched the university students that looked like children- when did we get so old!?

e84beca1a1f74ce3a24f95614f67fe1aWith a few minutes to spare on our parking meter, we breezed through the covered market. A little more time would have resulted in a lot of cheese and chocolate purchases!

041 039

Witney, a Cotswolds town famous for its blankets, gloves and other woolen goods was just up the road, so we headed to The Fleece for lunch. Another great gastro-pub discovered, we walked off a bit of lunch and took in the town sights.

045Later, after dinner at The Star Inn, we went back to the Woodstock Arms for the hubs’ favorite new beer and squeezed in a scotch before closing time at The King’s Arms.

Sunny Sunday started with another irresistibly good breakfast, followed by a brief walk around Blenheim Palace. Needing to get back to prepare for the week ahead, we opted to wait for a longer day to explore the gardens and palace itself. Simply walking around the grounds was the cherry on top of a long awaited bright day.

e006d4f9aa804b88a13ed736c994d243Cupid definitely visited the Cotswolds this weekend, and even made a special delivery!

Photo credit: The hubs

Photo credit: The hubs

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