The hubs and I have been laying low and enjoying actually living in London.


…I walked to Marylebone, a cute neighborhood about three miles away, to enjoy an unusually sunny day and check out the farmers market. The hubs was surprised by the oyster mushroom sandwich offering, having never heard of the combination of oysters and mushrooms….my foodie friends will get this.

87Once we did a few laps, we decided on chorizo suasage, local honey, organic apples and fresh olive bread to take home. The three mile walk home limited my purchases, thankfully, otherwise I would have seriously cleaned house. Before heading home, we fueled up with chocolate bourbon cookies and mint chocolate macaroons. Yum.


…I discovered my new favorite wine bar, Augusts Harris.

After trying a few glasses of Italian wine that seem rare to find outside of Italy, I walked halfway home in honor of the tube strike. The rest of London was doing the same thing; #TubeStrike on Instagram was full of really cool photos of London as commuters made the best out of their detour home. I found beauty in murals lining the walls of the underpass near Hyde Park Corner- it’s the little things in life!

ce53d0d5897e4e458a99c1c628a699b7…I celebrated the start of the Olympics with a bunch of friends, dressed to support, of course! Our friend Kelly hosted a great opening ceremonies party, the perfect way to kick off the weekend and two weeks of being glued to the games.

10 IMG_1176 (2)

…I saw the most spectacular rainbow on the way to Bicester Village, where the hubs and I spent an afternoon shopping.

Not even close to doing it justice, but a quick iPhone capture

Not even close to doing it justice, but a quick iPhone capture

The outlet village is jam packed with designer shops. While it’s not the most leisurely stroll (think dodging buggies, scooting past men waiting for their other half while standing right in front of the rack you’re going for, etc). I did splurge on a pair of Tory Burch flats that felt like they could stand up to the 10 mile tour of Paris I just mapped out for March (Just kidding, Mom! Kind of!).


…I finally took a walk through Battersea Park. Hyde Park is the usual go to when I drag the hubs out to get my steps (365 day 10,000 steps/day challenge still going strong!), but after sitting on the couch ALL morning, I had some miles to log.


…I did some long term travel planning- getting excited for next weekend’s countryside escape to The Glove House in Woodstock, just outside of Oxford. Next month, my parents will be visiting, and the Cotswolds and Paris are on the agenda, their trip can’t get here soon enough! March includes a work trip to Berlin. An early birthday celebration in Venice over Easter weekend, followed by wine touring Beaune in May have me bouncing off the walls. I’m hoping to visit Vienna in early summer, and discover England’s Lake District in July once it gets hot. Crete, Greece, thanks to Jean’s expert travel advice, looks like a great option for October. In my next life, I’ll undoubtedly come back as a travel agent!

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