London Love Affair

January. No one really likes it. At all. My sister, Katie, had 3 snow days in a row, resulting in a serious massacre of the wallpaper in her bathroom. A friend in Atlanta was posting about her poor husband luckily making it to a friends’ house after being stuck in that horrendous traffic; her cute little boy was pointing the TV and calling the weatherman “daddy!” in his extended absence. Not to mention, everyone is trying to shed that layer of cookies, tiramisu and eggnog latte/martini/grape juice mix (in my Dad’s case only…), yet we’re all hibernating- and what’s holing up without a nice bottle of red wine?

On Monday, I was itching to plan a weekend getaway or something to brighten up the gloomy forecast. But, as I walked from the office to my Junior League meeting, I looked around and remembered that despite the incessant spitting rain and increasingly cold temperatures, this city is so spectacular. With no shame, I whipped out my phone and took pictures along the way, marveling at how enormous, yet cozy and quint the city manages to be.

Totally touristy iPhone shots near Piccadilly Square

Totally touristy (and kind of terrible) iPhone shots near Piccadilly Square

The walk inspired me and reminded me of the countless things to do in the city where I live- no traveling required. In an effort to take in some culture, I decided to cross the National Portrait Gallery off of my bucket list on Tuesday. Within two hours, I was there and back, reminding me how easy and accessible interesting things are in the best city in the world (no bias here).

The beautiful building and views were slightly more interesting than the actual artwork, but I tried!

The beautiful building and views were slightly more interesting than the actual artwork, but I tried!

013 015 016

Wednesday rolled around and I dragged Mark to an alumni event, which kind of flopped. To save the evening, we walked to Mayfair, a seriously darling area that looks more like a whimsical town than a city borough. L’Autre Polish Mexican Bistro sounded too interesting to pass up. The Pol-Mex nachos, pierogi with beet soup and enchiladas were excellent, and the service so friendly. By the time we left, the tiny place was full and so was my tummy!

By Thursday, the hubs was beat, but I dragged him to the gym after he negotiated a post-workout beer at The Kings Arms. Before celebrating Thursday and the fact that we went to the gym, we picked up homemade ravioli at my favorite shop, Luigi’s Delicatessen.

photo 1

In one fell swoop, we squeezed in a workout, picked up some authentic Italian, and cheersed to life. Over dinner, I babbled on and on about my affection for London and obsession with discovering all of its hidden treasures. Maybe January isn’t so bad, don’t you want to visit?

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