Mustering up some motivation

This month, we’re laying pretty low. I’ve been in super cleaning, hard core (okay maybe just frequent…) workout, and healthy(er) eating mode. Thanks to my newly purchased FitBit and this blog, I’ve been motivated to get out and squeeze in a few interesting excursions.

On Saturday, I ran around the house all morning getting a few things organized and put together. Feeling accomplished, I checked my steps (only 1,000 out of 10,0000 needed!?!) and grabbed Mark to go out for a walk. After suggesting walking around the Natural History Museum, we actually decided to just pop in for a bit since admission is free.

The animal displays were beyond impressive.

photo 4 photo 5Later that evening, we suited up for a friend’s birthday party at the very secret and cool, Barts.

photo 3 photo 1 photo 2Today, I was missing my camera, and feeling guilty being inside on such a sunny day. In need of fresh air after too much dusting, I laced up and did a quick lap around the neighborhood. I was also motivated to get to my 10,000 step goal- this FitBit is seriously addicting!


The Mews next to our street- we actually looked at a place here, but it wasn’t the one!


Love passing this pub on the way to the tube, it is so charming!


Our pharmacy (ie- drug store)


Always a pleasant sight, our street

008 014 028 031 043 048 054

Travel resumes on Saturday with a quick overnight trip to the Cotswolds!

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