A Christmas Story Wrap Up

Whew! Our trip home for Christmas and New Year’s went by in a flash! A quick wrap up in words:

‘Twas the night before the engagement party, when all through the airport,
Not a United Agent was helping, not even one cohort.
The plane took off without us on board,
It’s a very good thing that we didn’t pack a sword.

In D.C. we nested all snug in our bed,
While visions of Ohio danced in our head.
And Mark in his kerchief, and I in my hat,
Had just settled down for an unplanned layover nap.

When out on the runway there arrived our plane,
We sprang from the gate area ready for champagne!
Away to Cleveland we flew like a flash,
Picked up our rental car and made it home in a dash.

The sun on the breast of the green rolling hills,
Gave the lustre of warmth and dissipated our chills.
When, what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But my excited, lovely family and dog moonlighting as a reindeer.

With the house decorated, ready celebrate Russ and Kate,
I knew in a moment the party would be super great.
More rapid than eagles their friends and family came,
And they saluted and cheered, and toasted them by name!

Now feast! Now Church, now party and Santa!
On, Christmas, on dinner, on champagne with tropicana!
To the party with sweets, to the dinner with treats!
Now celebrate, make merry, enjoy those fabulous eats!

As presents were unwrapped everyone would smile,
When they modeled each gift bound to keep them in style.
So up the ceiling the wrapping paper it grew,
With the bows and glitter, red and green in every hue.

And then, in a twinkling, we heard on the roof,
The prancing and pawing of Drake’s and Shiner’s hoof.
As we finished unwrapping and giving our gifts,
The doggies found theirs after a few good sniffs.

We got dressed in our new pressies, from our head to our feet,
And tried out our accessories, perused our new  books, what a treat!
A bundle of goodies we had in our suitcase,
Unwrapping it all made us hungry for fruitcake!

How hungry we grew! How delicious the smell!
How the cinnamon rolls, the casseroles ready at the bell!
How much we enjoyed our Christmas meals together,
And glutinous we became, no longer light as a feather.

The wedding of our friend we went to one eve,
And after dancing and celebrating we found it hard to leave!
She was beautifully dressed and lit up with delight,
Sharing in their wedding day was special and made the holiday more bright!

We were bustling and busy, having a jolly good time.
And we wedding dressed shopped for Kate to look sublime!
A few walks and runs with the fam round the ‘hood,
Soon gave us room for one more baked good.

A winter storm arrived, and went straight to its work,
Canceling flights, covering roads, threatening our travel with quirk.
And leaving us to spare after our missed flight home,
The chains towed our plane out and we were ready to go!

We sprang to our seats, to the captain gave a whistle,
And away to London we flew like the down of a thistle.
But we quickly exclaimed, ‘ere we soared out of sight,
‘Twas a great Christmas, now let’s speed up this long flight!

And in photos:



2 responses to “A Christmas Story Wrap Up

  1. Kelly – this is adorable!! Thanks for the recap. We LOVED spending time with you guys at Christmas. Can’t wait to see you sooooon. ; )

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