Shopping done and parties begun!

Over the past week, I finished Christmas shopping between my favorite London shops- Harrod’s and John Lewis- and my go-to online shops- Nordys and Piperlime. Not to be a Grinch, but going out Christmas shopping is not my favorite activity. Usually, I end up being really hot, irritated by bad customer service, and hungry from trying to get everything done in one trip. The hubs knows this is a recipe for a serious meltdown (you’d think I was a toddler…). My Tuesday outing ended up being quite pleasant, though! Seeing Harrod’s lit up is a must during the holidays, and John Lewis had the most darling little schoolchildren singing carols.



The Dresden Christmas markets gave me a good present base for our family members, but I still had some $$/€€/££ to spend. It was absolutely necessary to create a gift tracking excel sheet with built in currency exchange rates and location of gift. Without it, I would have A) gone totally overboard – I can’t keep track of three exchange rates for 8 people’s gifts in my head, or B) forgotten which parents’ house I sent which gifts to! Okay, actually I just really like making spreadsheets.

With shopping under my belt, it was time to start thinking about packing. I’ve learned my lesson, photograph outfits to remember what you were planning to wear. Slight overkill, but it seemed less neurotic than making a spreadsheet.


After the hard stuff was out of the way, it was time for our first Christmas party of the year.

photo 1

Our friends had planned for a group of 30 to have dinner and drinks at one of our neighborhood favorites- The Angelsea Arms. The white elephant exchange was quite comical. I did well with nearly the last number and chose this fabulous scarf. The London phone booth teapot and temporary tattoos were also hot commodities.

be69df9706c74b65b585566094bcb533 (2)Flaming Ferrari’s seemed like the only proper way to end the night.

be69df9706c74b65b585566094bcb533 (3)

A good time was had by all! I can’t say the same for the next morning- thank goodness for friends (the real ones and the show since we watched 4 hours of it on Sunday) 🙂

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