Pumpkin spice lattes and some simple life

Last weekend was a seriously big milestone, momentous occasion and baffling realization- it was the very first weekend that we spent in our flat, alone with all of our things moved in and unpacked. We have been lucky enough to have had Mark’s parents and a good friend from San Francisco visit, and have taken a handful of phenomenal trips. After making some friends here, we learned that three weeks of living without furniture and dishes was not so bad, since many of them had to purchase all of it here. But our scattered life finally straightened out to be pretty [extra]ordinary this past week and weekend.

While we were sitting around drinking lattes and reading by the fireplace on Saturday morning, I felt so strange! Then, I realized that I didn’t have a lineup of things to do the size of a kids Christmas  wishlist, and I had no excuse to drag Mark out of the flat to do something since we had no visitors. This can’t happen often, because 3 lattes and nearly an entire book later, it was dark out and I was still in glasses, slippers and sans makeup. However, it was nice to be an ordinary Londoner this week. My exciting list of accomplishments and cultural activities varies greatly from last week’s culinary adventures and attempted Spanish conversations:

  • I cooked! TWICE! It’s been too long, but I’ve still got it! Debra Messing’s Radiatore Pasta and Greek Tacos were awesome.
  • I went to SOHO. My friend Jean and I met for lunch at 10 Greek Street. It was delectable, and I’m sure the wine only had a little influence!
  • I stopped for a coffee (and cake…) at a local cafe after going for a fringe trim, how very British!photo 3
  • I started doing pushups again, since eating cake or having biscuits at 4:00 in the afternoon is now kind of a thing….
  • I mastered the Pumpkin Spice Latte. So easy, highly recommend it. If you don’t have a milk frother, get one!photo 1
  • Mark and I got coats. The coldest winter I ever spent is no longer last summer in San Francisco, and it’s not even December :/photo 2

After lunch in SOHO last week, I passed an irresistibly charming book shop and picked up Londoners: The Days And Nights Of London Now – As Told By Those Who Love It, Hate It, Live It, Left It, And Long For It  by Craig Taylor. In his introduction, he says, “When I open them [my notebooks] now I can see the act of researching this book mirrored the act of living here. I developed within myself a complicated love. London Chase – it’s exhilirating, frustrating, surprising, reaffirming. It’s tiring, it’s never ending- it fills your life. That figure I’m chasing, out in the distance, out in the grey streets, always slips away.” This perfectly sums up why I love living in London- the craziness, the calmness, and the knowing that there is and always will be so much unknown tucked back on a Mews or just never before noticed around the corner.

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