Weekend Wrap Ups

Last weekend was too picturesque to squeeze into one post. After an amazing day at the Seven Sisters on Saturday, we planned to visit the Battle Grounds of 1066 on Sunday on our way back to London. History wasn’t really my thing in school, but this little family field trip piqued everyone’s interest. Standing on the grounds where a brutal battle was fought 1,000 years ago was surreal.

IMG_0599 IMG_0600 IMG_0606The audio description of the fight over the throne and the Abbey that was built to commemorate all that died in the battle was surprisingly interesting.

IMG_0609 IMG_0611We even found a “ghost hunter” wandering around to fill us in on more juicy details of the saga. Unfortunately, due to his line of work, he wasn’t able to be photographed. IMG_0613 IMG_0615 IMG_0618

The architecture and sophistication of building was remarkable to see. To think how long ago this was constructed and see how strikingly beautiful it still is today was fascinating.


A good time was had by all.


Fast forward to the next weekend, Mark arrived back on Friday morning from Saudi Arabia just in time to catch up on sleep and work before the festivities began. Our friend Kevin, from San Francisco, was in town for business and planned to stay through the weekend with us. We kicked it off by having a party for Mark on Friday night, complete with all of his favorites: lasagna, cookies, and cake.

After a very British Saturday including a trip to the gym followed by a pub lunch, we set out for a nice dinner at what we thought was a new sushi restaurant nearby. The menu was interesting, the food, not so much.

IMG_0670We made it from the head to the stomach, but just weren’t feeling the tail, so Mark awkwardly told the waiter that we would be “moving on.” Hungry and in the mood for something a bit heartier than what Mark described as “fishy ocean water,” we decided to check out this very cool looking Italian spot.

IMG_0681The dinner was quite an experience, to say the least. We chose our cut of meat and munched on a selection of steak tartare, beef carpaccio, pork shoulder and burrata while it cooked.

IMG_0672 IMG_0675I think that we covered all parts of the cow at dinner part two.

IMG_0673IMG_0677Deliriously happy from our unique dining experience, we headed to Nam Long, a kind of secretively famous hidden gem around the corner. Mark and Kevin had obviously had more wine than me and bravely capped of the night with a flaming Lamborghini, Nam Long’s infamously fiery strong cocktail.

IMG_0680 Mark is turning 30, and Kevin will soon be a father, but these kids proved to still have it!

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