Water Withdrawl

For the first time, other than my four years at Denison, I’m not living within a 10 minute walk to the water. I grew up on a lovely lake, so special that our wedding reception was held there; I learned to love to run because of Chicago’s lakefront path; I grasped the greatness of California after traveling down the coast and experiencing that sense of calm and happiness after every run along Crissy Field, with it’s always breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

In need of that water meets horizon fix, I planned a trip to Hastings for the weekend. Our hotel, Hastings House,  was across the street from the beach, and we immediately relaxed at the sight of the sun glistened sea. After a home-made breakfast, complete with fresh orange juice and french press coffee, we set out to see the Seven Sisters. Many times portrayed as The White Cliffs of Dover in movies, the Seven Sisters are a series of chalk cliffs by the English Channel. Making our way down from Hastings to Sussex, we ooed and ahhed over the rolling hills, peppered with sheep. As the Seven Sisters came into view, we all became giddy and forged ahead to the lighthouse that was sure to offer a spectacular perspective.


During our climb, we experienced winds so great that I attempted to fly- literally, I was running and flapping my wings like a child, grassy knolls and scenic views do that to me. To get a good look at the edge, I opted to get down on my knees, since being whisked off the cliff didn’t seem too far fetched.

e2ec91d104a74df7a890b022157043faOpposite the sea were poetic countryside views, slowing the walk to the top as we commented on each progressively amazing vantage point.

DSC_0448 DSC_0443 DSC_0427In the end, the view from lighthouse won, possibly as a result of the sun emerging and reflecting certain points of the pearly white cliffs.


It took Mark’s parents until a memorable trip to Mendocino to truly grasp our love for California, but the Seven Sisters may have instilled our excitement for Europe already.


After a windy walk down, we stopped by the gift shop where my father in law bought me a beautiful green wool blanket. Just like grocery shopping while hungry can result in cart additions such as cookies, perusing warm wool blankets post being blown down a hill make cozy wool irresistible!




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