The joys of (not) being a homeowner

A funny smell began to intensify in our flat over the last few weeks. Initially, we thought the saniflow (which is basically like a boat toilet, installed when regular toilet plumbing is unavailable in the area where adding one) had a funny odor to it. Then we discovered some oddly placed damp spots on the carpet in our bedroom. Eventually, the smell got worse and to the point where we knew something had to be going on. Gary, our landlady’s resident handyman popped over and found inches of water surrounding the saniflow. SUPER. Mold was growing, and also has spread underneath the carpet to the entrance of our bedroom. Even more super.

Our landlady is fantastic and has jumped on the problem like a kangaroo (she lives in Australia). However, coordinating mold specialists, plumbers, Gary and our landlady’s daughter (who looks after the flat) has been the other half of my part time job, and needless to say, it’s far less fulfilling. I’m currently overhearing talk of jackhammers and excavation, and starting to slightly panic. Thank goodness we don’t charge, or our first guests at Hotel Mark and Kelly (Mark’s parents) would have certainly requested a refund, or filed a law suit for mold exposure.

All of this drama has made me very thankful for our upcoming weekend getaway at the Hastings House. Hopefully on this trip, I can avoid becoming violently ill and set aside the worries of concrete excavation near our brand new couch and ever-so-perfect bedspread that I’m obsessed with. I need a little more of this in my life, and less frequent shop vac visits that are now taking place twice daily.

T-2 days

T-2 days

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