999 What’s your emergency?

Mark saw a mouse. Yes, it was outside, and yes, it was just a mouse. But I am PETRIFIED of mice, and all things worse than mice that I can’t even mention without hyperventilating. He tried to hide the discovery, but in this household there’s about as much privacy as a 5pm ride on the Piccadilly line, or the 30x, or the brown line. After booking our flights home for Christmas, I logged on to Mark’s email to check the confirmation and right below the United message was an email containing the word “mouse”. I am truthfully the least likely person to snoop for anything, unlike my sister Katie who used to make Kristen and I stand guard while she unwrapped all of her Christmas presents while my mom was gone, but the email was just glaring at me. My completely irrational fear prevented me from even reading it, I didn’t need to put myself into cardiac arrest.

After glaring at Mark for about 5 minutes while he was on the phone, he finally hung up and admitted to the sighting. For the next few hours. I felt shaky and started banging pots and pans before walking into any room before coming up with the most fantastic solution- WE NEED A CAT! Neither of us are cat people, but this seems to be the ONLY solution. The hubs is not on board with this plan, but if I see one of those little terrifying monsters and have to be taken to the ER because of a heart attack, I think he’ll rethink this seemingly only natural option.

In other news, I found a wonderful wax spot for my brows (Strip – lovely lingerie shop meets trendy wax salon). Afterwards, it finally seemed okay to go for a fringe trim- London speak for a bang trim- and quit hiding behind my blinding bangs. Michael nailed it, my fringe looks fab. On my list for the day was finding a spot for Mark to get his haircut, so I asked my new smashing stylist what he charged for a men’s cut. “£45!” he said with a smile! Hmmm, back to the phone book…

Our Laura Ashley duck egg-colored bedspread should be arriving any day now, and I’ve been refreshing the website hourly to check the order progress!!!! Now I just have to figure out how to corral the multiple duck egg colored items in our flat into one room, rather than having a coordinating colored bedspread in one room, sheets in the other, and throw pillows and blanket in the reception room. I guess when I find something that I like I stick to it! Now that that hunt is over, anyone have book recommendations?

Dedicated to duck egg

Dedicated to duck egg

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