Caged animals

In the European city that never sleeps, it is tough to be getting over the flu. On Monday, I thought that I was going to have to cancel my trip. By Tuesday, I was feeling just okay enough to suck it up and go. When we arrived at the airport early Wednesday morning, we were quickly notified that our flight had been canceled, and we were rebooked on the 2:30pm (it was 7:45am at the time).

The last two days have been busy with work and attempts to get healthy. Last night, Mark and I went with a colleague to dinner at Cafe Brel (recommended by a good friend’s cousin) and had a lovely time. Our three hour dinner included delicious mussels, pappardelle pasta with some kind of soaked walnuts for me, and chocolate mousse for dessert; everything was perfect and the three of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

As soon as work was finished, it was time to play. The zoo, just a 10 minute walk away, seemed like the perfect place to go for a walk. Fall is here and the changing colors of the tree leaves are stunning.







Once the sun set, it was pretty chilly and the French restaurant where I had made reservations was nice and toasty when we arrived. The french onion soup and salad with warm mushrooms hit the spot, and Mark loved the veal (which appeared to be the special since everyone surrounding us ordered it). I’d definitely recommend eating at Belmondo– our waiters were so sweet and brought Mark a new napkin after every time that he dropped his on the floor (three…) and walked each patron out and shook their hands.

I finally feel mostly free of this terrible bug- looking forward to seeing the rest of Berlin tomorrow with a vantage point other than our hotel window!

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