Left lane driving

On Thursday, Mark and I took the train to Liverpool to meet our colleagues at the Birkenhead office and pick up our company car. It was a great two days with productive meetings and a really nice dinner at Alma de Cuba (very cool restaurant in an old renovated church with fabulous Latin American food). Liverpool is full of nightlife and would be an excellent place to go with a group of friends. There are loads of trendy bars and restaurants hidden along the windy cobblestone roads.

View from our hotel in Liverpool

View from our hotel in Liverpool

After playing colleagues all week, I was so looking forward to a relaxing weekend with the hubs at this cute little hotel- Lion + Pheasant. Unfortunately, as soon as we got in the car, the chills set in, my body started to ache and I felt terrible. The flu struck me like lightening and is hardly letting up. This morning, we decided it was best to drive home since getting up to simply brush my teeth caused my fever to spike again. So, we hopped back in the car and I silently prayed we’d make it- driving on the other side of the road is no easy task, and driving in England is terribly confusing! Mark was impressive and caught on quickly. The roundabouts in the middle of highways are totally unnerving to me, but he didn’t get honked at once!

Retraining the driving brain

Retraining the driving brain

Once we arrived home, I immediately climbing into bed and felt grateful that we dragged our extra large collection of DVDs all the way to London, despite the fact that we haven’t watched them in ages. I’m already on #3 and have a whole lineup ready to get me through the next few days. We’re off to Berlin on Wednesday for a conference, but until then, I’ll be here with my limited supply of gatorade and (not homeade) chicken soup..


This always makes me feel at home 🙂

Mark’s cousin makes custom pieces, love them!  Sara Bella’s Primitive Art

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