A walk in the park

Fish and chips, one of the first things that comes to one’s mind when referring to London. Bad English food, the second thing that comes to one’s mind. Last night, I learned that there is such thing as good fish and chips at a proper English pub though! Mark and I met a friend of a friend and her boyfriend for a couple of pints and dinner at The Queen’s Arms. The English boyfriend and I shared a strong affinity for Leffe beer, which he so sweetly explained to the waitress after she looked at me like a loony tune when I repeatedly asked for “Heffe.” It was a local spot that you’d never find without meaning to land there, and if you’re reading this blog and ever come to visit, you’ll surely experience it for yourself. On our way to Hyde Park this morning, we walked past it so that I could get a photo, it’s just so quintessential London looking.


Blind wine tasting before dinner

Blind wine tasting before dinner last night

Since I ate every single bite of dinner last night, a long walk was in order this morning. The mornings are sunnier here, opposite of San Francisco, so we were on our way to soak it up while we could. After living in Chicago where we loved running along the lake, and San Francisco where Crissy Field was perfect for a walk, we were a little apprehensive about where to run or take a long stroll without having to think about being run over by a car every two minutes. Hyde Park lived up to our standards- there are countless paths and lovely sights all around.


Tonight, we’re taking in our first British film. Rachel McAdams is starring so we’re not getting too culturally ambitious. Tomorrow, the Steelers play the Vikings in an international NFL game, which will call for us to view at a pub I should think!

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