It’s a marathon, not a race

Okay I’ll admit it, I’m extraordinarily impatient. I am ready for our flat to look like a home, to have girlfriends that I can call on a whim for lunch, to start my day of work with a good idea of what needs accomplished, and to be squeezing in enjoyable workouts.

Out initial week and a half here was full of things that immediately needed to be done. Now, I feel like I’m at that point where you’ve finished training for a race, are at the starting line, but can’t get anywhere because of the crowd. When we left San Francisco, we had a small group of really good friends who I miss enormously, can’t I just sign up for a BFF here? I was loving Bar Method, which was literally right outside of my door, and I had just been promoted at work. The news of moving here was music to my ears and I’m so certain that it will be everything that I’ve dreamed of and more, but this is always the tough part. I remember feeling the same way in San Francisco, but nothing good ever comes easy! Starting over presents so many wonderful opportunities, but you have to jump over a few hurdles to get there.

Most of today was spent looking for a temporary office space. It was absolutely beautiful today, perfect for wandering the bustling business streets to find a desirable location. b59c1e115745462b99b7f694b3b6ceadBloomsbury Square, Chancery Lane, and the river view from Blackfriar’s were shiny and enticing with the warm weather and sun.

After trekking around the city, I crashed at home on our super comfy (NOT) plastic chairs for a bit before a gym sesh. Running on the treadmill really got my brain going and by the time I finished, I was convinced that in three years, Virgin Active (big gym chain here) would be franchising my bar method classes. Talk about running before I can walk…. I think I first need to try to convince my gym to offer a bar method class and potentially figure out what it would take to teach one.


Solo, self-taught bar method

 Fro yo + peanut butter time 🙂

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