Where are you from?

While buying a bottle of wine down the street on Saturday night, a similar sounding clerk asked us where we were from as she checked us out. Mark said, “Here.” I laughed and paused, that’s no longer an easy question to answer! We’re most recently from San Francisco, but we lived in Chicago before that and will most likely move back there. To add to the confusion, we were both born and raised in Canton, Ohio, so where are we from? No offense by any means to Chicago or Ohioland, but I went with San Francisco, since Londoners seems somewhat fascinated by the idea of California. The Canadian clerk chuckled with me as I noted to Mark that we’re obviously not from here, but I have to say, I like his attitude.

I took the tube out to the airport hotel for our meeting tomorrow and as usual, was surrounded by foreigners. There was a darling family with the cutest two girls across from me that were speaking maybe an eastern European language? They started singing a song and I had no idea what they were saying, but before they hopped of the train, they were playing rock, paper, scissors with their dad. Goes to show that no matter where you are, there is always a universal language. Since we’ve moved around over the last few years, I’m used to feeling a bit out of place and unfamiliar at times, but little things like this make me smile.

Week two has only just begun, and already, I’m feeling totally entrenched in life here. So much to do and so little time, story of my life! I’m going to ride this wave of adventure until it crashes.

New gym, new walk home, still loving our street

New gym, new walk home, still loving our street

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