Live to eat or eat to live?

Ugh well I guess I finally have to throw up my arms in culinary defeat- I now just eat to live. If only we could have revised this city living order- Chicago (good food). San Francisco, (fantastic food), London (meh). My dishes, cooking utensils, and anything kitchen related are all on a boat somewhere in the middle of the ocean and I can’t cook anything. So, I guess I’ll just chalk it up to eating to live. We basically have a mini fridge in our kitchen and our oven is the size of my old toaster oven. Every meal has pretty much been premade or take out. Restaurants are mostly great, but it just seems like the day-to-day food is meh. On the upside, I’m feeling slightly slimmer…

On our way home from the gym tonight, we stopped and picked up sushi which ended up being pretty fantastic though! It was fresh and fancy looking- the soy sauce came in these cool little plastic squirt packs rather than those stupid flimsy packets that we’re used to. Those little things (or “little doggers” as my dad would say) just made my day!

Sushi dinner with carrot salad

Sushi dinner with carrot salad

After blowing off some steam at the gym and enjoying some super sushi, we decided to check out a local pub and have a couple of pints. A place right down the street is awesome with a great gastropub/trendy feel. It was pretty packed tonight, but it was great to find a place so close and so lively. I definitely felt like that American that stood out for some reason! To me, it seems like British people are so kept to themselves. In America, at a bar, people are always looking around, checking their cell phones, etc. Here, anytime you look at a group of people, they seem so totally engaged in their group and conversation. They don’t seems to be looking around and sizing everyone up like in America, it’s a different feel!

Walking home from the gym- our street!

Walking home from the gym- our street!

Tomorrow is finally Friday and I’m planning on dragging Mark out to do something fun, interesting, and maybe slightly touristy. He vetoed Dirty Dancing (the musical), so we’ll see if I can snag some tickets for another show.

Cheers to the weekend!



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