Two-A-Day: Shopping + LA Fitness

Finally, I went shopping today. I got it alllll out of my system. Zara, H&M, Topshop and John Lewis provided me with my London shopping fix and some sensible clothes, since my white blazer, white jeans, and shorts were doing nothing for me in 55 degree weather.

Mark and I walked to the tube station together this morning and attempted to get Oyster cards. I was so confident that our short time at the kiosk got us exactly what we needed and proud of my city savvyness. until we tried to go through the turnstiles and got denied. Fortunately, the lady at the window desk was very sweet; she informed us that we bought “tram” (rather than train) and bus passes. Woops. After she quickly credited back [I have no idea how much] the difference, we were on our way. Mark was going to meet colleagues so I pushed him onto one line and I headed down to another for Oxford Circus.

I spent about 2 hours in Zara for some ungodly reason, there were only about 59 other stores to stop in on one of the biggest shopping streets in the world. But I did find a hooded vest there- words cannot describe how happy I am to have a warm outwear piece! A few hours later, after trying on countless sweaters and finding the fitted sheet to match our incomplete set (SCORE!), I headed home. Now, I had a number of bags with me, and my biceps had been burning for quite awhile, so I’m thinking it’s going to be a triple chocolate truffle night.

Had to have done at least 60 20lb. curls with these puppies!

Had to have done at least 60 20lb. curls with these puppies!

LA Fitness was on the docket for this evening. We signed up for a three day trial, and headed over to check it out. It’s close to the tube station, about a 10 minute from our flat. It wasn’t the most luxurious gym, but it has a pool and seems to be manageable during busy hours. It’s no Bar Method, which I’m (aka my formerly skinny legs) are dying without, but hopefully it’ll do. A quick jaunt (shopping made me too tired to run) on the treadmill and little ab workout gave us a taste for what it’d be like.

Sporting my new vest and passing time while waiting for the hubs to get ready...

Sporting my new vest and passing time while waiting for the hubs to get ready…

Yup, that's my car parked back there (the red one)

Yup, that’s my car parked back there (the red one)

My camping chaise is getting a little uncomfortable, so off to watch Suits in our new bed! It was delivered yesterday! We think we really like it, but are skeptical because we ordered it online? Ugh, our brains our totally trained for pay more = get more, but maybe this is an exception. The mattress is slightly bigger than the bed, oops. If we adjust the headboard, it should work, but a big comforter will just cover it up right? Another thing on the to-do list, buy a new one since ours doesn’t fit. It only took us two years to agree on the one we have.

Comfy online-ordered mattress! Score?

Comfy online-ordered mattress! Score?

Back to work tomorrow! I think Mark is most happiest that I’m working part time because at least I can’t shop those days. But really, I prefer online shopping. MWAUH HA HA!

Note: Half of what I’ve bought so far is the brand Mint Velvet. Highly recommend you check it out, darling things! I’m a size 6 or 8 for reference 😉

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