Glamping- redefined

I keep forgetting to mention the absolute best part of everyday life in the UK (aside from Amazon prime). Delivery people, including the beloved Amazon prime, text you with your delivery window the night before. The Brits don’t send these impersonal emails that direct you to a shipping site where the tracking number never seems to be available, they send you a nice text with OPTIONS! You can even respond with changes:

Just in case you have a life and can't wait around all day for deliveries

Just in case you have a life and can’t wait around all day for deliveries

Today we received a plethora of packages. If you looked up what sort of plethora of goods Amazon has, you might find my order. It included a crock pot (since I have zero cooking utensils and can at least throw a bunch of stuff in it), 40 rolls of TP (because we have all of this storage space and nothing to store), and foldable chairs and chaises (which we can eventually use on our patio). Our living area is now fully furnished, although it kinda of looks like we live in a campsite, with a gas fire pit.

Glamping at home

Glamping at home

I had my first call with my manager in Poland today, she seems great and like someone that I’ll really enjoy work with on the marketing front. It is eye [ear] opening to talk with someone, especially on the phone, who is not a native English speaker. Continually, I am amazed by how many Europeans speak English very well, even nearly perfectly, as a second language. I’ve also noticed that in conversation, Europeans tend to listen more- they don’t interrupt or make verbal feedback while someone else is speaking. Along those lines, I found myself more carefully choosing my words and not rattling off a bunch of filler phrases. It was like the entire discussion was meaningful and significant, something that I don’t find in most of my conversations. I love all of the differences in cultures and language here, it really makes you think!

Mark and I are off to dinner with a colleague tonight. We should be taking the tube, but Mark believes he’s allergic to public transportation I think. He’s going to have to get used to it here so we’ll see if he minds the gap tonight! Tomorrow is my day off and I have the oddest list of things to do. First and foremost, I’m going to Oxford street for some shopping, and Mark and I are ending the day at LA FItness where we got a 3-day trial membership. No rain in the forecast for tomorrow, fingers crossed it stays that way!

To do...

To do…

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