Hot water hero!

Today was my first day of work at CETCO! For now, Mark and I are both working from home. Trying to set up two makeshift offices with practically nothing was challenging, but we made it work. This morning was full of deliveries, we now have FIVE computers, plus a big honking monitor! If only we had a desk chair… While emailing back and forth with my manager in Poland, I discovered that the keyboard is different on my UK laptop. Being the typing aficionado that I am, it was definitely strange not hitting shift + 2 for an @ sign, it’s all the way by my right pinky on my new laptop.

To start off my work day, I first needed to set up an email signature, seemingly simple right? Not quite. I probably spent 10 minutes trying to figure out the proper way to write my mobile phone number. Here’s what it looks like, $10 to anyone who can call me with only one try! +44 (0)78 8705 1771

My office and computers (plural x3)

My first assignment is to research email blast laws in the UK, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Spain, so I’m not quite well versed on the Date Privacy Act if you’re curious… Mark worked from the second bedroom and gave me the living room with the fireplace, so toasty!


Mark in action

After work, I did a little bar method workout session. The good part was it was hard, so I know I got a decent workout. The bad part was it was hard, so I confirmed that I am super out of shape :/ No one is going to bed before we join a gym. The best part of the day was hopping in the shower and discovering that we have HOT water! It’s been warm, which I tried to be positive about and considered that at least my skin wouldn’t be so dry.  Mark is my hero and I am so happy that I can go back to scalding my skin!

Delivery Mediterranean food was dinner tonight and hit the spot. Popping a couple of dark chocolate truffles before getting into bed and figuring out how to burn them off tomorrow!


Delish dinner

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