Seating Arrangements

The sun was surprisingly shining this morning, enhancing our mood and sense of optimism for the day. To start off, Mark and I hit up a local Italian coffee shop for lattes. There, I discovered another juice bar where you simply pick your fruits and veggies and they prepare right before your very eyes! It’s been nice to discover some great fresh and healthy options here.

Organic fruits for your juice

Organic fruits for your juice

With caffeine in hand, we stopped into the bagillion custom furniture shops around our neighborhood. At our second stop, we discovered a great sofa on display with a super soft herringbone linen fabric, exactly what we were looking for to design our custom couch. After discussing the 18 different ways to build the sofa to perfectly fit our living area, paging through 12 fabric books, and considering what else we’d need to complete our setting, we left with a quote in hand for a sofa with a chaise to visit one more store. Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder- I couldn’t tear my thoughts away from the sofa on display. Buying it meant having something to sit on in just two weeks, rather than two months. We stopped back on our way to run other errands to measure and take a second look. Before we even left from our quick lunch, I sent Mark back over to buy the couch, we couldn’t pass it up! Now we can test out the area with our other furniture and decide on accent pieces.

Pretty, comfy sofa coming soon to case de Swanson!

Next on the list was Peter Jones, the big department store with nearly everything that you can imagine- from socks, to espresso machines, to hair dryers. Picking up dining utensils, plates, and cups was absolutely essential. While I love drinking water out of  a wine glass, it was getting challenging to juggle both beverages at once. The stars were just not aligning at Peter Jones, I definitely used up all of my fairy godmother dust with the sofa. There was really only one option for sheets and the fitted sheet was sold out. We’ll just have to make do with two flat until it’s back in stock. No biggie, but THEN… Waste makes me absolutely nuts, and I was not happy about having to buy plates and bowls when I have beautiful dishes that are just not here yet. The only inexpensive dining set that I liked was of course unavailable in the only color that I liked. We ended up just buying the display set that was missing a salad and dinner plate because I couldn’t bear to eat off of ugly dishes for three weeks. Yes, I know that I am certifiably insane. A quick stop at Partridge’s for some bread, Parmesan  cheese and bruschetta spread completed my grocery list for our very fancy soup, salad and crostini dinner served with our new dining ware.

Fancy dinner feast

Fancy dinner feast

All in all, today was fairly productive and it feels like we’re making some headway. Mark snagged the patio chairs from our terrace so that we could set up a makeshift table, our couch will arrive soon, and our online-order mattress is [apparently] arriving tomorrow. We have 3 bowls, 6 plates and I finally made it to Boots (the “drug store”) to pick up some razors. I’m sort of getting used to the light switches being on the outside of the door, not really adjusting to flipping them up to turn on rather than down, and still perplexed as to how the toilet flushes (you kind of have to hold the handle down until water comes of of both sides?). I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to use the washer without reading the manual, so the dry cleaner around the corner might start getting quite a bit of business!

German engineering?

German engineering?

Tomorrow is my first day of work and I’m excited to get back on a schedule. Working from home with my manager in Poland will certainly be different, but I’m thrilled for this opportunity. Off to see if my clothes dried, here’s to hoping!

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