Where exactly do we start….

Today, our first full day living in our new flat, was full! Full of what you ask? Couch discussions, mattress decisions, boots shopping, and excitement! Since our apartment contains little more than a bed, we woke up late and decided to hit the ground running to find living area furniture and a mattress to fit our master bedroom set. Here are some fun challenges that we encountered along the way (I’m sure they won’t seem so “fun” next week 🙂 )

  • We have no chairs. None. They are on our sea shipment, which arrives in about 3 weeks. Therefore, we need a couch ASAP. Nearly every couch (except one that I hated) takes 6-8 weeks to deliver and costs an arm and a leg (no pun intended). We’ve decided to go custom, I’ll report back on this track tomorrow…
  • Our second bedroom mattress, which is smaller than our master bedroom bed, is going to have to be used for now. This would be fine, if we had a damn chair to sit on in any other area of our flat.
  • We found a couple of stores with mattresses today with outrageous prices, so we’re buying one online. Prices seem too good to be true, but we’re rolling the dice! Mattress shopping while sitting on the floor is kind of like grocery shopping while hungry…
  • I can’t do math in my head. Therefore, I really have no idea how much anything costs at this point. This is also partially because I don’t care to look at prices anymore since I have my darling husband to take care of that (and eliminate everything I like…)
  • Apparently, I thought I was moving to Miami, because I have about zero warm weather sweaters in my 9 check on bags.
  • Brands are totally different here. I went to buy a pair of boots since I only packed ballet flats and wedges (relevance?) and had no idea if they were quality, so I need to do some investigating.
  • Thank goodness for Amazon Prime UK. At least I have a hair dryer and straightener. The essentials had arrived at our flat even before we did, priorities.

We really liked our lunch spot- Joe and the Juice, and our happy hour spot- Cadogan Arms, an old hangout from my study abroad time here back in 2005. Both definitely kept us fueled for the day!


My back is killing me from sitting on the floor, but Mark is almost done trying to figure out how the hell to enter our credit card info into the online mattress website, so we’re going to catch up on our downloaded Breaking Bad episodes from the comfort of our makeshift bed. Tomorrow’s mission: actually purchase something useful other than a dress, woops.


2 responses to “Where exactly do we start….

  1. Kelly! This is so great. I am glad you are keeping us abreast of your life abroad. I remember that Bar, Cadegon Arms!!! Even just looking at the bar itself—-great place. Are y’all on Kings Street? Can’t wait to visit! have you walked past the old digs?

    • Thanks, Paigey! Mark loved Cadegon Arms and it’s been fun to show him where the old ‘hood! We’re down the road farther on Old Brompton Road where it meets Gloucester road, so not far at all! Dying for you to come out!!

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